About MCC

A brief history
of the Malibu Cat Club

 Malibu Cat Club officially became a club in CFA, Inc. in July 1963.

In the early years Malibu produced Cat Shows every couple of years. An interesting note found in some of the early meeting minutes is that some members brought their guitars to the Club meetings and would have sing alongs, remember this was the “60’s”.

 By the 1980’s The Club was producing an annual Show, usually at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica. Also the Club was becoming known for it’s unique “Trophettes”  From large chocolate (edible) animals to Crystal and music boxes.

By the 1990’s The club settled on a Theme, “The Garden Party” and had moved their shows to Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. At this time the Show was put on with a $40,000.00 budget. Judges were delivered to their rings in an Antique vehicle with much

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fanfare. The Décor in the hall included green indoor outdoor carpet, a large water fountain surrounded by live flowers, park benches, and antique lamps, lighted Ficus trees and greenery. The overall impression was that of a beautiful garden. The Trophettes continued to be unique keepsakes that even the national campaigners wanted to bring home.

The Club’s main objectives are to produce a show every year and promote our CFA  cat breeds.

In the economy of the late 2000’s Malibu Cat Club has needed to “tighten the belt” but hopes to bring back some of the “pageantry” to our cat shows in the future.

Cake website

At our February 2013 show we celebrated the club’s 50 year anniversary with a cake shared by all.