MCC National & Regional winners

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COTY= Cat of the Year
NW= National Win

RW= Regional Win
BW= Breed Win
BOB= Best of Breed
CH= Championship
PR= Premiership (Altered)
GP= Grand Premier
GC= Grand Champion
Furrari Brown Tabby & White Exotic LH Male
GP RW Lionhouse Furrari of Perserkatzen
RW 2nd PR 2012
RW 7th PR 2011, One-show Grand
McKenna Blue British Shorthair
CH GP NW Chelsea Rose McKenna
NW 2005
Betty Davis Eyes Tortie Point Exotic LH Female
GC RW A Love4paws Bette Davis
RW 19th CH 2013
I Shot the Sheriff Seal Point Himalayan- Persian Male
GC RW Purr-Majik I Shot the Sheriff of A Kitkat
RW 8th CH 2012
Hollywood Brown Patched Tabby Persian Female
GC BW NW Lushell Hollywood Sunset of A Kitkat
NW 23rd CH 2013, RW 4th CH
Mon Ami Red Tabby & White Persian Male
GP RW Magnicats Mon Ami of Perserkatzen
RW 7th PR 2011
Catillac Black & White Exotic LH Male
GP RW Lionhouse Catillac of Perserkatzen
RW 22nd 2012
Tiramisu Shaded Silver Persian
GP RW Sanmar Tiramisu
RW 4th PR 1997
Moran Shaded Silver Persian Female
GC BW RW Moran’s a Site 4 Sore Eyes
RW 21st CH
NW 2nd BOB
Gypsy Brown Patched Spotted Tabby & White Exotic
GC NW D’Eden Lover Gypsy of Parti Wai Ex
NW 8th Kitten 2012
RW 4th Kitten 2012
Paco Chinchilla Silver Persian Male
GC GP NW Sanmar Paco of Deealden
NW 7th PR 1989
Barkley Blue British Shorthair
GC BW NW Chelsea Rose Barkley
NW 2004
Rosebud Shaded Silver Persian Female
GC RW Sanmar Rosebud
RW 12th Kitten 2005
Jackpot Cream Spotted Tabby & White Exotic Male
GC BW NW Parti Wai Ex Jackpot
NW COTY 2013
Yahaira Shaded Silver Persian
GC RW Sanmar Yahaira
RW 6th Kitten 2011
Kokomo Black Exotic Male
GC NW D’Eden Lover Kokomo of Parti Wai Ex
RW 5th Best Kitten 2011
NW 22nd Kitten 2011


Shaded Silver Persian
GC RW Sanmar Colton of Shadedknoll
RW 2012

Ole Shaded Silver Persian
GC BW RW Sanmar Olé
BW 2nd BOB 1980 & 1981
Flash Chinchilla Silver Persian Male
GC RW Glenmist Flashdance of Marmews 
RW 14th CH 1997