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Andrea Bohren  Chelsea Rose
Cyndy Byrd  Chelsea Rose
 Penni Richter  PartiWai Ex
Shirley Crawford  Sanmar
Maggy Lombardi  A Love4paws
Ray Magney  Perzazz
Michael & Lorraine Nelson  Perserkatzen
Patrick & Isabel Pomphrey  Daltonian
Charles Ober
Harene Ryan
 Dlux Edition
Sue Swaim  A Kitkat
Bill & Adrian Reinis
Dennis Sanders  Exotic Den
Lowell & Marti Semans  Marmews

  President Cyndy Byrd
Vice President
Maggy Lombardi
Secretary– Marti Semans
Treasurer– Lorraine Nelson

   Board of Directors

Chuck Ober
Lowell Semans
Shirley Crawford

   Hall of Fame Members

Charles Angelici
Celia Heriot
Paul Raine
Jean Grimm
Evelyn Moniot
Grace Over

Group 1a